10 things I learned about quitting smoking

10 years ago today I quit smoking. It struck me as quite a milestone so in celebration I thought I'd make a list. That's what ex-smokers do instead of going outside to smoke.

  1. A big factor in why I wanted to quit was for my children. Good news! I can still happily chase my children round the park without being out of breath. Unfortunately they're now 14 and 11 so they just wish I'd stop chasing them because it embarrasses them.
  2. When you quit smoking your taste returns. I remember a time when I ate something about three months after quitting ciggies and and thought "Eeew!! Why have I been eating this all this time?!? It tastes disgusting"  It was probably celery, which apparently does have flavor. So watch out for that future ex-smokers.
  3. I'm bigger, but we'll call that muscle, or healthy weight. It's good because when you quit smoking you can get fatter but people are still happy for you.
  4. You will smell delicious and not like you fell asleep in an ash tray. Just ask Irma, she thinks I smell delicious (Note: Good hygiene is still required for this)
  5. I can now watch a movie the whole way through without going outside for a smoke. Unfortunately I'm still fidgety and rarely make it through a movie so this one doesn't really count, but I could if I wanted to, and that's what's important. I choose to fidget it's  not the pesky ciggies making me.
  6. Ciggies are expensive! So is health care for horrible smoking related diseases. Bikes however are fun, and healthy. Spend your money on one of those instead. I recommend Sunnyside Bicycles. Go and see John, Vanessa and the team, they'll sort you out. You'll still need health care though, and a helmet. They have those too.
  7. I can get on a long haul flight without it being the most traumatic experience of my life…and I apologise to my wife and any passengers, customs officers, flight attendants etc for all those 11 hour flights we did when I was smoking. Man I was cranky.
  8. My doctor told me a while ago that 10 years after you quit being a a smoker they no longer count things like heart attacks etc as "smoking related diseases". So when I die of a heart attack now it'll be because of too many hamburgers…or cake. Which is much more socially acceptable.
  9. I quit cold turkey, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be (my wife may disagree). The hardest part was the decision to actually take the step to do it, then the first three days.
  10. So, if you're thinking of quitting smoking only you can make the decision, you can do it but only if YOU want to. Otherwise just carry on smoking and eating celery thinking it tastes ok.