Conversations can change things, always keep listening

Ever been in the middle of a conversation and the other person says something that turns your world upside down?

Picture a young couple who've been dating a while and in the middle of a normal conversation comes the first utterance of the words "I love you". We see that scene in the movies all the time, there's the pause and then the response. Hopefully it 's one of joy, but sometimes the other person runs away screaming.

I was reminiscing a little this morning about the first time I told (my now wife) Staci I loved her. I can remember everything about it. It's cemented in my memory. That one moment, those few words and the response to them changed my world.

Today many of us are online…A LOT… We're constantly scanning our social streams, checking Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram…. whatever it is it's become an all consuming activity for some. We're making connections, sharing articles, we're having conversations all day long. Whatever we're doing there's a lot of noise that surrounds us. It can be deafening, but we need to keep listening.

Why listen?

The first time I told my wife (then girlfriend) I loved her was in the middle of London on a night out. There was traffic whizzing by, people honking horns. Rowdy half drunk people yelling as they left the pub for the evening. It was noisy, there's a lot going on in a city of over 7 million people. Imagine for a moment she hadn't been listening through the noise.Those three words mean a lot, it took a lot of courage to say them. I might not have said them again for a while and our worlds may not have changed in the way it did.

So keep listening, in the noise you'll find opportunities that might change your world! Of course I realize that my example assumes Staci saw me as an opportunity, but we're still together 15 years later  so I'm running with it ;)