Why you need to hire a professional designer

If you've looked to hire a social media expert you've probably encountered many "experts" who will offer to set up a Twitter and Facebook pages and push content for you without much thought in regards to serving your market. Barriers to entry for the web are low and so people are tempted to fall into the trap of hiring people that are inexperienced in basic principles of the craft to save some money.

Design is an important part of your business strategy, it's inextricably tied to your content, your brand and how your customers perceive you. The design industry seems to suffer a similar fate to social media marketing. There always seems to be 'someone you know' who claims to be a designer. The problem with this is that you don't know if this person really understands elements of design, or if they just understand a how to work a design program.

To help promote the value of hiring a design professional Lisa Alvey and I partnered with local startup nonetwork.tv to interview two outstanding designers from Hundred10, a design firm in Fresno, California, Layne Lev and John Milly. Lev and Milly very succinctly outline the importance of hiring a good designer.

![SMC - Hiring A Designer](http://nonetwork.s3.amazonaws.com/smc_poster.png)

**Download video:** [MP4 format](http://nonetwork.s3.amazonaws.com/864x480_ns_smc_h10.mp4)

Here's just a few tips as to what the video will cover:

Finding Balance - A designer avoids things like a poor user interface and cluttered design by finding balance and keeping their client's brand on track.

**Code design marketing** - Of these three, what's more important?

Process - What do you need to keep in mind as you start a new design project?

Inspiration - Where can a designer find inspiration? If you're stuck in design, Milly recommends to always go back to the content, that's where the visuals are.

This post was originally published for the Social Media Club editorial team in collaboration with fellow SMC Fresno chapter leader  Lisa Alvey. Check out more posts like this at socialmediaclub.org