Market what's important to your customers, not yourself.

Last week as I was driving to work I reached a usual intersection where I make a left turn. The light turned green and I gunned it to make it, but something caught my eye as I veered round the corner . On the opposite side of the road I saw a sign displayed at the gas station.

"Brand New Pumps, Fill Up Here"

The sign was pretty large, garish and had an array of colors, the type of sign that would make your head turn while taking a corner at 50 mph - not that I was doing that, I said it WOULD make your head turn if you were doing that kind of speed.

We all filter advertising but this one made me look because it was so ridiculous to me. I mean seriously, I couldn't care less if your pumps are new unless your gas prices are also cheaper. It was a sign made without thought to the customer, a clear case of a business giving themselves a pat on the back about "new features".

If you're a person that develops web apps like me then there's a lesson in this drive by sighting. Don't celebrate or add features that your customer really couldn't care less about, focus on what benefits them. In the case of the gas pump maybe the message should have been "Brand new pumps, Less explosions for you". That's a joke but you get the picture.

Oh, and If it doesn't benefit your customer then you probably didn't need to add it in the first place.