Privacy settings for Facebook places. Where are you?

I may be missing something here but it seems to me like Facebook places is ignoring my privacy settings. I have my settings explicitly set so that only one person can see where I check in. Yet when I checked in today I received a comment on my check in from a completely different person. Am I missing a trick here, has anyone else had the same issue. Am I being ignored by Facebook. Here's my settings. As you can see, only Lisa Jantzen Alvey should be able to see where I am. Not that she needs to know, we've been testing Facebook places so we can help others out.

But I was a little suprised when my friend Lynn commented on my check in. I also found that one of the people I checked in could also see my location. Look again at my privacy settings. Seriously am I missing something, please tell me. I'm okay with missing something, I'm not ok with Facebook ignoring my settings.