The Influencer project

Today we saw the "The Influencer Project" touted as the shortest marketing conference ever. In 60 mins flat we heard tips from 60 speakers. Phew! it was a  fire hose  of information that went at a breakneck speed. What a great idea to  get that many tips and speakers together in an hour. I'm just hoping there's a transcript as I was multi-tasking a little during the event.

Lyndon Haselhuhn has shared a  Twitter list of all the speakers and you can check out the site at

Overall I really liked the "event". I follow this space already so a lot of the tips were not new, but there were some great reminders and a few new things to think about. It flew by so fast that sometimes it was hard identifying who was speaking and on the other extreme descriptions seemed to take up a lot of the 60 secs….but hey these people were sharing their wisdom with us and it was valuable to put the shared information in context. I'll probably update this post later when I refine my thoughts a little but here's some of the tips that stood out for me.

"Ground your content in who you are" from Ann Handley.

"Talk about what you know" from Gary Vaynerchuck. That's pretty much a no-brainer. If you love talking about what you know then this will also come across and excite your audience (have you heard Gary speak?)

"What other social circles are related to yours, get involved". I'm not sure who said this I'll update when I get I find out.

"Own your own niche" - Lewis Howes

I know there were others I really liked…just gotta keep a watch out for that transcript I guess.