59 Days of Code wrap-up

It's the day after 59DaysOfCode and I'm still exhausted. It was a fantastic event and drew a great crowd. Travis Sheridan and Irma Olguin pulled off an amazing feat to showcase the local talent from the Fresno region. I didn't get an opportunity to take the time to see all the products and applications that were developed as manning the postEcho booth took all our time. I must have chatted with 60 or 70 people throughout the afternoon, many of whom I already "know" from Twitter. It was great to finally meet many of them in person.

When the judging time finally came we were all exhausted and took our seats in the auditorium. I don't remember being that nervous in a long time but the announcement came and postEcho won!

We're very grateful to the people who voted via text, the judges who gave their time and knowledge to assess a group of teams that produced some great ideas. We are even more grateful to the CVBI and to Travis Sheridan and Irma Olguid who put their life on hold for a while to keep this event running smoothly.

The event was a great success with about 500 people coming through the room to view to projects produced. There was some very stiff competition on the day and I think this region can say without a doubt there's some tech talent here! Everyone's a winner.