Jaded? Maybe I just need more cheese.

I was looking at university websites today, schools who are trying their hardest to recruit undergraduate students, trying by "speaking their language". Some seemed cheesy, the pictures showed students"connecting", having fun with attractive friends. The messages being sent were transparent and I saw right through them. My thought is that your average high school student looking to start the next chapter of their life is going to see right through it too. This is an age were more than ever before teens are media savvy, they know what's going on. The battle is constant to find new ways to connect and get the message through.

Then it dawned on me, I'm over-analyzing this this. At some level even if they can see through the advertising, see through the message, it's very likely the prospective student is still excited about attending college, growing more independent starting a new chapter, meeting new friends. They might not tell their friends, but I bet they enjoy the visuals of meeting people, playing pool, hanging out dare I say"connecting".

I'll have some more cheese on that interactive admissions video please just make it look good.